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KatalistAI is a design assistant that helps you collaborate in real-time. Driven by cutting-edge AI, it streamlines your creative process, elevates your ideas, and amplifies productivity.

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Cinematic pitches that impress

KatalistAI allows you to generate cinematic-style images that look like the final product. If clients see a pitch this good, how great the final product will be!

Up to 4-times faster than using stock images

No more searching online and editing to create the right visual. Generate it and be done with it.

Easy to use, but powerful

Describe it and KatalistAI visualizes it. No need to know how to write prompts. Katalist will write them for you. Control lenses, direction, and lenses to get it right.

What our customers
do with KatalistAI

Creative pitches

Don't waste time finding images online when you can generate exactly what you need to present your idea. Import your script and KatalistAI will draw the storyboard for you.


Have an idea that you want to share with your team? Let KatalistAI sketch it for you. Get everybody on the same page and focus on taking the idea forward!

Real-time collaboration

Collaborate with your client and team in real-time. No need for endless revisions and meetings. Instantly visualise and iterate on ideas.

Choose the style that best supports your idea

Turn your scripts into storyboards

1. Import your script

Import your scripts as a CSV, Word, Powerpoint presentation, or copy-paste it from your copywriting app of choice.

2. Katalist automatically generates visuals

KatalistAI breaks your script down into shots and extracts visual information from your script to generate visuals.

3. Tweak to get it just right

Dive deep into framing, lenses, character posing, changing the scene and mood to get the shot just right.

4. Pitch!

Your visuals are ready. Download them as either as a video or ZIP to use anywhere you'd like.

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