Katalist powers Publicis Groupe Slovenia with its generative AI platform to push boundaries of creativity

Katalist doubled Publicis Groupe Slovenia's creative productivity and enhanced client communication.

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March 26, 2024
Katalist powers Publicis Groupe Slovenia with its generative AI platform to push boundaries of creativity
"We are very pleased with the result - the visuals are really convincing and look as if they were 'from the same film,' the interior/exterior, actors, and color palette are on brand and unified. We managed to highlight specific details and edit them to our liking. Our production time was cut in half, which is outstanding.”
- Jasna Vejselovic, Art Director@Publicis Groupe Slovenia


Produce exceptional creative concepts that leave clients speechless.

Agency group Publicis Groupe saw an opportunity to push the boundaries of creative excellence by using generative AI - they wanted to push boundaries of what is possible, offer more flexibility, and increase the speed of execution, thereby pushing the limits of creativity and quality. 


Katalist Storytelling Studio powers Publicis Groupe to run its creative process on cutting-edge generative artificial intelligence technology. The agency teams now develop creative concepts completely in-house, allowing for more precise control and execution over the final creative. It makes Publicis Groupe more agile and quick to respond to clients' needs, bringing projects live faster.  

Katalist provides creatives with greater freedom of expression, allowing the exploration of new and unique concepts that weren’t possible before. It also enables the creation of photorealistic storyboards featuring actors, whether virtual characters, brand ambassadors, or casted actors.

Katalist simultaneously ensures a consistent style and scene, providing a visualisation of the final product. The exceptional quality of the concept amazes brands and their audiences. 


  • Outstanding visuals; cinematic look and visual quality that captivates clients.
  • Double the output; twice as many creative iterations within the same timeframe.
  • Process improvement; more effective communication with clients.