Create Visual Stories with Consistent Characters and Scenes using Storyboard AI

For Filmmakers, Advertisers, and Content creators, and more. Katalist is the best way to visualize your ideas using storyboard AI. Use it for creative pitches, storyboards, video ideas and much more!

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Script to storyboard in 1 click

Katalist analyzes your script to find characters, scenes, and activities.

No AI experience required

Katalist is the translation layer between your ideas and generative AI technology.

4x Faster production time

Get your project ready for production in days instead of weeks.

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Cast AI actors into your story

Have you ever struggled with keeping characters consistent with AI? Katalist ensures your characters are consistent across the entire storyboard using storyboard AI. Have you changed your mind about what character to use? No problem, change characters throughout the story with 1 click.

Start visualising your stories with Katalist generative AI
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Your storyboards are now videos!

Katalist AI Video Studio turns your storyboards into fully produced videos with voiceover, music, and sound effects!

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Control Scenes with ease

Unlock the visual potential of your storytelling with Katalist Dynamic Scene generation. Whether creating from scratch or repurposing existing scenes, seamlessly change frames to fit your scene in seconds.

Turn your script into a storyboard with only 1 click

Upload your script as a CSV, Word, or PowerPoint, and watch it effortlessly transform into a vibrant storyboard with Katalist.

Effortlessly bring your script to life with Katalist. Upload your entire script and witness the magic as it transforms into a dynamic and captivating storyboard. Streamline your storytelling process and unleash creativity at your fingertips.

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Control Pose With Character Posing Tool

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How to generate complete stories with Katalist?

Katalist ensures your characters are consistent across the entire storyboard.


Import or write your script

Import your scripts or a CSV, Word, or PowerPoint presentation, or copy-paste it from your copywriting app of choice.


Katalist automatically generates visuals using storyboard AI

Katalist breaks your script down into shots and extracts visual information from your script to generate visuals.


Tweak it to get it just right

Dive deep into framing, angle, character pose, composition, props, and scene to get the shot just right.

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How our users use Katalist to save time and money

Generate storyboards for your movie in a few minutes with Katalist

Visualizing concepts

Easily translate your creative vision into compelling visuals, saving precious time in the ideation phase.

A better way to present your script

Showcase your script visually with Katalist's automated generation, enhancing communication and comprehension without the need for extensive explanations.

Easy planning for filming day

Streamline your pre-production planning shots, framing, and mood with Katalist, ensuring a smooth and cost-effective filming day.

Upgrade your content with AI-generated images that fit your story

Simplify Your Content Production Process

Make content production easy with Katalist's intuitive platform, ensuring a seamless and efficient workflow from concept to execution.

Tailored Imagery for Impactful Pitches

Elevate your pitches with Katalist's AI-generated visuals, enhancing the impact of your ideas and increasing the likelihood of successful collaborations.

Effortless Ad Creatives

Instantly produce eye-catching visuals tailored for your ads, saving time and ensuring your campaigns stand out in a crowded digital landscape.

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Katalist is redefining content production with AI

This app is going to enable my market segment to engage their audience in new ways! It really puts the unthinkable within the reach of any user! You've done a great job on this iteration! Looking forward to your future!

Martin Gent

Creative Director & AI Consultant

I am 1st AD and Casting Director.. I was waiting for this! Thank you very much!!!! :-)

Anita Rémiás

Casting Director

The team behind Katalist clearly have the expertise and determination to make this platform one of the must have tools for storytelling in this new AI era. I've tested several different storyboarding apps recently and Katalist was the clear winner, both in terms of features and overall ease of use. I wish the team all the best with their launch.

Isabelle Riva

Producer and Storyteller

When I saw this i knew I had to get it. The pricing is a no brainer and the software for telling stories is incredible. My favourite I have to say is the sketch. It is just brilliant and I cannot wait to see what further updates you will be making down the road.


AppSumo user

Zero barrier to entry. I'm so impressed by how simple and addictive the tool is. The Katalist team have marshalled some powerful AI tech here. Visionaries, directors, storytellers--pay attention--this is for you!


Prompt Master

We are very pleased with the result. We managed to highlight specific details and edit them to our liking. Our production time was cut in half, which is outstanding

Jasna Vejselovic

Art Director at Publicis Groupe Slovenia

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Katalist Team

We're a team of creatives and builders on a mission to empower all storytellers with limitless visual expression. We quit our jobs in 2023 to build Katalist — an expression tool that makes generative AI easy to use while giving you creative control to realize your ideas. We relish prototyping machine learning pipelines and crafting intuitive user experiences so that you can focus on your story.

Founder & CTO
Blaž Blokar

Blaz is a full-time software and part-time prompt engineer passionate about open source, entrepreneurship and emerging technologies. When something is broken, he's probably the one to blame.

Andraž Zvonar

My passion is building cutting-edge products that are intuitive to use.

Head of AI Research
Luka Tisler

Luka, with 15 years of experience in design and video post-production, is a distinguished content and multimedia creator specializing in artificial intelligence.

Frequently Asked Questions about

1. What is is an innovative platform that leverages Storyboard AI and AI storytelling to help users create storyboards quickly and efficiently. Our advanced AI technology automates the visualization of stories, making it easier for creators to develop and refine their ideas.

2. What is Storyboard AI?

Storyboard AI uses artificial intelligence to create visual representations of films, videos, or animation sequences. It automates the storyboard creation process, making it faster and more efficient. Katalist AI, for instance, helps users bring their ideas to life visually, making it an invaluable tool for filmmakers, content creators, and marketers.

3. What is AI storytelling?

AI storytelling is the use of artificial intelligence to generate narratives, scripts, and storylines. By analyzing input keywords, themes, and context, AI algorithms can create engaging and coherent stories. This technology helps streamline the content creation process, offering a powerful tool for writers, filmmakers, marketers, and educators to craft compelling narratives efficiently.

4. How does's Storyboard AI work?

AI storytelling is the use of artificial intelligence to generate narratives, scripts, and storylines. By analyzing input keywords, themes, and context, AI algorithms can create engaging and coherent stories. This technology helps streamline the content creation process, offering a powerful tool for writers, filmmakers, marketers, and educators to craft compelling narratives efficiently.

5. How can AI storytelling enhance content creation?

AI storytelling uses algorithms to generate narratives, scripts, and storylines based on input keywords or themes. This significantly reduces the time and effort needed to develop engaging content. Katalist AI excels in this field by providing tools that transform simple ideas into detailed visual stories, ensuring consistency and creativity throughout the process.

6. What are the benefits of using AI for storyboarding?

- Speed: AI can generate storyboards in seconds, allowing for rapid prototyping and iteration.
Consistency: Ensures a uniform style throughout the storyboard, maintaining the visual and thematic coherence of the project.
Cost-Effective: Reduces the need for manual labor, saving time and resources.
Efficiency: Streamlines the creative process, enabling creators to focus on refining their ideas rather than spending time on manual tasks.

7. Is there a free trial available for Katalist?

Yes, Katalist AI offers a 7-day free trial so you can explore its features and see how it can enhance your storytelling process.

8. How do I get started with Katalist?

To get started with Katalist, sign up on our website and choose the plan that best suits your needs. Once registered, you can begin exploring the platform's features, import your scripts, and start creating storyboards immediately.

9. Can I customize the generated visuals?

Absolutely! provides extensive customization options. Dive deep into framing, lenses, character posing, and even change scenes to tailor each shot according to your creative vision.

10. How can I export my work?

You can create instant presentations that can be publicly shared as a link. If you'd like to export the assets, you can download a ZIP, a PowerPoint file, or a video slideshow.

11. Will AI replace storytellers?

While AI can significantly enhance the storytelling process by automating certain tasks and generating creative content, it is unlikely to replace human storytellers. Storytelling is a deeply human art form that involves emotion, intuition, and personal experiences. AI can assist and augment the creative process, but the unique touch and perspective of human storytellers remain irreplaceable.

12. Who can benefit from using is ideal for filmmakers, animators, content creators, educators, and anyone involved in visual storytelling. Our platform simplifies the storyboard creation process, saving time and enhancing creativity through the power of AI storytelling.

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